Walk with us!

At a time when we are separated by distance, feelings of loneliness and isolation can be amplified. Join us at our Virtual Walkathon to assure those around us that we are on this journey together.


Together, we can make someone’s journey a little less lonely.

On average, there is at least one suicide death every day. 


Everyone has a role to play in preventing suicide and we need your support to create more conversations and encourage those in distress to reach out for help.


The #HOWRU Virtual Walkathon is an opportunity to rally the community to show our support. Let us stand in solidarity for a common cause and let everyone in the community know that help is available and they are not alone even in the darkest hours.


here and be a part of our week-long walkathon and digital programmes!


a minimum of S$15 here and receive a limited edition#HOWRU Care Pack


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to the start of the event.

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